Riding Blind

Riding Lands End to John O Groats on a Tandem Bike



Day 11 Video Update

Day 10 Video Update

Day 9 Video Update

Day 8 Video Update

Day 6 – Rest is for the wicked, and wine for the canny

Graham here. So with five days and 750km (or thereabouts) under our belts, it was time for a rest. I'll level with you, I needed it. I will never let Keith have the smug benefit of being able to tell... Continue Reading →

Tyrannical Sore Arse Rex

Graham here. The pilot is an imbecile and I'm the co-pilot of a contraction designed to torture me, that's the impression I was left with today. Many weeks ago, the lovely gentleman who sold us the tandem explained how Keith... Continue Reading →

Day 3 – Much ado about nothing

Graham here. Day 3 out of the way and it’s starting to feel somewhat achievable. I mean the sun beat down on my, once again, sun tan lotion free neck, the back of my left knee was filled with weird... Continue Reading →

Day 1 and 2

Graham here. Sorry for the lack of blog activity thus far, it turns out that cycling 150km (give or take) a day is bloody knackering and we've barely had the energy to eat dinner, let alone blog. But, with a... Continue Reading →

The Perpetual Circle of Grief

Graham here. Having gotten over my dislike of discussing my situation and lamenting my condition in the previous blog post – here, I thought I would tackle another important way, and one that most people overlook, in which Retinitis Pigmentosa... Continue Reading →

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