Riding Blind

Riding Lands End to John O Groats on a Tandem Bike




The Long Awaited Final Vlog! Day 12

Day 7 Video Update

Rest Day Video Update

Graham’s Rest Day Update #HelmetCam


Hi guys, quick one. We're not riding today as it's a rest day, so don't worry if the tracker isn't working! Hopefully this will also give us the chance to get some videos out to you - watch this space!... Continue Reading →

Day 5. It’s grim up North.

Keith here. No truer was a true word spoken. We're in the North, and today it was very very grim. Getting from Market Drayton to Skipton means going directly through Manchester. When in a bike, you obviously have to go... Continue Reading →

Day 1. No wait. Day 3. No, day 4…I think.

Keith here. I think. Graham's abused me quite a lot over the past couple of days due to the fact that he's managed to update the blog a couple of times and I've not been anywhere near. Now, not to... Continue Reading →

More about the Guinness World Record Attempt

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